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Technology Standards For Students and Teachers: NETS-S & NETS-T January 14, 2013

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The thing about technology in the classroom is just when I think I have implemented ground breaking experiences in technology for my kindergarteners (as well as for me) I find that I have only touched the tip of the digital iceberg! As I dig deeper into the ISTE NETS for students and teachers and research how other professionals are integrating technology into their curriculums I realize that I have a long way to go, but I am up for the challenge.

Taking the ISTE NETS self-assessment allowed me to see specifically where my strengths and weaknesses lie. In regards to NETS for students (NETS-S)I believe that our classroom environment is strongest in the area of digital citizenship (ISTE NETS-S #5). Students have learned about and consistently exhibit proper care and use of Netbooks. Specifically, they understand that no food or drink may be in the computer area, they use only a gentle touch when using the keyboard, they ask an adult to troubleshoot when needed, they use headphones so as not to disturb others, and computer savvy students offer friendly support to classmates when asked. One area I plan on focusing on in my classroom is NETS-S # 6, Technology operations and concepts. An immediate goal is to utilize the support of our 4th grade buddy class to familiarize my students with logging in on their own school accounts. From here, I hope to work on ISTE NETS-S #1, Creativity and Innovation, by teaching students the basic functions of Microsoft Word and having them write their sight words using different fonts, sizes, and/or colors.

As for the NETS for teachers (NETS-T), the self-assessment revealed to me that I am strongest in NETS-t #4, Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility. I guess this might be what leads to digital citizenship being the strongest NETS-S! An area I would like to improve on is NETS-T # 2, Design and develop digital-age learning experiences and assessments. In particular, I would like to implement assessments using Activotes. One thing that is holding this up is obtaining enough working Activotes for each student in my class. The immediate feedback this technology provides will allow me to record results and adjust my instruction immediately.


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