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Vocaroo Sound Recordings for Phonemic Awareness Practice January 22, 2013

During week 2 in our Instructional Technology class we were introduced to a wide variety of technology tools that educators could use to communicate to a variety of audiences. Some of these include posts on Twitter, blogs, podcasts, or posting sound files. As we were exploring Vocaroo and practicing posting a sound file I was impressed with how applicable this was to our kindergarten curriculum! I currently have several students who are in need of support in phonemic awareness. One way to give them practice at home as well as keep them engaged through the novelty of technology would be to record individual phonemes for familiar words and post the Vocaroo link on a blog or website. For example, I would say /f/, /r/, /o/, /g/ separated as distinct phonemes and the student would put them together and say the word to an adult at home.  I could also say a word and have the student write down how many phonemes he/she hears in the word. I have created a sample of what this may sound like and have included the Vocaroo links here:

Putting phonemes together:  http://vocaroo.com/i/s1NQn9QOfsZu

Separating phonemes:  http://vocaroo.com/i/s137uXlxvpP4

As I consider actually using this in my classroom, I know I would have to have them practice with it first in class. Also, I think the recording is a little bit distorted and some of the sounds are not as clear as I would like. This could be a problem with such an activity since the pronunciation is critical in order to detect the phonemes. I would also need to ensure that each child who is to participate has a computer at home. All in all I believe that sound recordings have great potential in my kindergarten classroom!


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