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Educational Technology Week 3 – Presentation February 3, 2013

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Our topic for week 3 in Educational Technology is presentation. Currently, I use technology to present information on a daily basis in my kindergarten classroom. This is mostly via the Promethian Activboard (Activinspire) during whole group instruction as well as during our student run Morning Meetings. This week’s topic has introduced me to a variety of other methods of presenting that are readily available to educators and serve to engage and motivate students. One such method of presenting is through Glogster at http://www.glogster.com/. I can see great potential for using this type of technology in the classroom as well as for presenting information to other audiences such as parents and colleagues. Glogster allows the user to incorporate different types of media in a presentation such as photos, video, URL links and audio clips. I was also impressed with infogr.am at http://infogr.am/beta/ This is a site that enables you to make free infographics. As I was playing around with it I realized that it would be ideal to present data on a graph to kindergarten students after engaging in a class survey.

I am still grappling with one drawback to relying on technology to present information… That is technology failure! The past two days my presentation computer (the one that interfaces with my Activboard) has been malfunctioning. I know that help is on the way, but for now I must resort to presenting the old fashioned way – a dry erase board and chart paper.


One Response to “Educational Technology Week 3 – Presentation”

  1. Having a back-up plan is a must, which we’ve learned in so many examples this year. Thanks for your thoughts.

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