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Educational Technology Week 4- Research February 12, 2013

The concept of gathering research has taken on new meaning after sifting through this week’s material and discussions! I appreciated learning more about the Big 6 process of research as it guides us through six logical steps towards gathering research in support of a topic of study. The point was well made that this process can be useful in any situation when information needs to be gathered – be it in our personal or professional lives. After completing the Task Definition step #1 for our technology project I already felt much more organized and able to focus on and define the task at hand. In fact, after completing the Task Definition questions provided in our Haiku class discussion, it was necessary for me to go back and further define my goal in my Growth Plan.

The exercises we completed as we explored various search engines enabled me to be purposeful as I searched for information on my topic. I have to say, though, that I found this particular step challanging. It was difficult to find adequate sources that would support my technology goal. I am particularly having trouble finding information that specifically addresses skills that would support young students (Kindergarten) in logging in to their personal computer accounts. I will be spending more time on this task. I do recall that during my class, Interpreting and Applying Educational Research I, we were introduced to Cindy Strong, the liasion librarian for the SPU School of Education. She was fantastic in guiding us in our searches for literature using a variety of databases, many of which were available to us only through our SPU logins. In case you have not tapped into this great resource, here is the link to her information: http://www.spu.edu/library/subject-guides/education


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