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EDTC Week 6 – Creativity Through Movie Maker February 24, 2013

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The use of video technology in the classroom is a powerful medium through which students can show their learning as well as share a part of their lives that would otherwise not be available to their classroom communities. As I thought about how I could use video making in my kindergarten classroom I immediately thought of the “All About Me” unit I do each Fall at the beginning of the year. Ordinarily, I have students create a poster that depicts certain details about their life, likes, and dislikes and share it with the class. This activity allows students to get to know each other and provides the teacher an opportunity to become familiar with the make-up of the class. Given the diversity in our school community, the sharing of our personal stories also serves to promote an atmosphere of acceptance and respect. Having students create a video introduction of themselves would encourage inspiration and creativity on the part of the student and deeper engagement on the part of the audience (NETS-S  #1). Ideally, the video would be created at home with the support of parents. I am frequently looking for different ways to enhance home-school connections and video seems like a great opportunity to do this.  Alternatively, if families do not have access to a video camera students can interview each other via a video camera in the classroom. To culminate the unit, our gallery of video clips could be posted on our class Haiku page!


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