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Concept Attainment – Wants and Needs –1st Grade July 30, 2013


Youtube video link:  http://youtu.be/a44N3kxPdOc

Teaching Environment:

The students who will participate in this lesson are from an affluent community in Western Washington and attend a school that currently has 612 students enrolled. This particular school has been named one of Washington State’s High Achieving Award Winning schools and recently received the School of Distinction Award. This elementary school enjoys a high level of involvement from parents and consistently reports 100% PTSA membership.

The group of students receiving this lesson includes three pairs of siblings. All three of the younger siblings are entering first grade and all three of the older siblings are entering third grade. The third grade students will serve in a supportive role such as camera operator or materials manager, along with contributing to the discussions.

Strategy Rationale and Analysis:

In this lesson I am using the Concept Attainment strategy to teach a first grade lesson on wants and needs. At this point students have had no previous exposure to the concept of wants and needs in the classroom. I chose this strategy because it aligns with the constructivist view of learning – so that students could learn the attributes of this concept through observation and engaging in student directed discussion (Dell’Olio, et al., 2007) I believe that wants and needs have clear attributes that lend themselves well to this strategy.

After implementing this strategy I realize that it will take practice in order for me to become familiar with concept attainment and be able to adjust my scaffolding during discussion. Further, the mixed age of the group that was featured in the video created somewhat of an uneven opportunity for all to participate. An astute peer reviewer recognized that the self-directed nature of the discussion was a bit much for first graders to keep up with. I agree and will focus on stronger scaffolding when this strategy is presented in the first grade classroom.

Dell’Olio, J. M., Donk, T. (2007). Models of teaching. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Peer Review Questions to Consider:

1. Do you think that the pairings of exemplars were appropriate?

2. Did students receive the full benefit of self – directed discussions and had the right amount of teacher scaffolding?

3. Would this lesson have been better if 2 concept attainment activities were done to address the two separate concepts of “wants” and “needs”?


See attached below

Video Policy:

Attached are two Lake Washington School District parent permission forms that are used when student information or photos are to be released on the internet or in the directory. The Directory Information Withhold Form is sent home to families at the beginning of the year. If the form does not come back then it is assumed that directory information can be released per the parameters specified on the form.


Lesson Planning Template-Video Lesson




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