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Linear Regression August 23, 2013

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Module 8 Reflection

During this module I learned about linear regression and how it allows us to predict a value of y based on a given value of x if there is a significant correlation between x and y. I also learned that the regression line helps us determine how much y changes as a result of x changing as well as helps to determine the “intercept” or the value of y when x is 0. I learned that the confidence interval refers to the range of data in which there is a 95% chance that the value for Y can be found.

Linear regression relates to previous content in that it is another way to analyze data. In this case cause and effect cannot be determined but analysts can make predictions about how one variable will change in a population when another variable has a significant correlation with it.

I am finding that at my first time through in the readings and the lecture I tend to be pretty lost, but I persist anyway. After reading the clear and concise discussion posts of classmates and answering the discussion questions presented by Dr. M, I am able to straighten most of it out.


Sprinthall, R. C. (2012). Statistical Analysis (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.


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