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Reflection on p value August 23, 2013

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Module 3 Reflection

Module 3 reinforced to me that if a study did not use random selection or random assignment there cannot be a cause and effect relationship to the variables. I also learned that the p value of a study that assumes a null hypothesis indicates what percentage chance there is of drawing a random sample with a given difference in value between the control group and the group that had the treatment. The p value relates directly to how strongly the evidence either supports or rejects the null hypothesis. Further, I realize that if a p value does not support the null hypothesis, it only means that the results obtained are not likely to be due to chance. It does not necessarily mean that the alternate hypothesis is supported. Therefore, both studies that we reviewed in this module only showed that the results were probably not due to chance. They did not show that the independent variable actually caused the difference.

Previous content introduced and reviewed topics such as the null hypothesis, randomization in research, and characteristics of the normal curve. This module showed us how these concepts can be used to evaluate research studies.

This module pulled several things together for me and gave me quite a few “aha” moments, especially regarding the significance of p value.

Sprinthall, R. C. (2012). Statistical Analysis (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.


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