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Reflection – SPU Library Tutorial November 3, 2009

     Whether physically or virtually, the SPU library is the first place I will go any time I am in need of a resource. One of the reasons I wanted to take courses online was to enjoy the comforts of my home while doing coursework. However, after touring the library I am thinking that the comforts of the SPU Reading Room surpass my own living room!

     The library tutorial regarding evaluating web pages was particularly useful. I was reminded that it is critical to notice who is responsible for the site, what type of site it is, when it was last updated, where you can get more information, and what the purpose of the site is. The “new” material I learned was minimal; it is really a matter of common sense. HOWEVER, the way the tutorial was presented made me realize that even though I think I am savvy when searching the internet, I still need to be very careful and observant or else I will invest too much time reading bogus information or (even worse) include invalid information in my professional or course work. It was only when the tutorial presenter pointed out the small print at the bottom did I realize that the web site was bogus and was just making a point… the very one I stated in the previous sentence here!